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Just letting you know I used your video to prepare for my first outing ever
at the Reliant World Series of Dog Shows in Houston with successful
results. I think they're pretty nice with the scoring for beginners, but it was
still nice to get a high score having prepared with nothing but your dvd and a
D. Lewis

Rally Obedience Start To Finish v.3 - 2012
Coming Soon!

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Take a tour of Rally Obedience Start To Finish V.2 2008


A 2 sided DVD demonstrating all of the Rally Obedience exercises used by the American Kennel Club.

This is an interactive DVD which allows you to navigate to any exercise at any time with a couple of clicks of your mouse or remote.

All 2008 AKC Rally exercises demonstrated by:
CH Saltydog Augustus Joe CD RE - Gus
CH Saltydog's Isabella Angelina RE
1Leg RAE- Bella

For each Rally Obedience exercise there are:
2 video clips
- Each video clip is a demonstration of the correct way each Rally exercise should be performed. The video clips are taken from two different angles to help highlight the important details of each exercise.

One video clip begins with the exercise sign and then transitions to the demonstration. This is so the viewer can relate the correct sign with the exercise being performed- (The font and color have been modified.) The second video clip is of the exercise being performed from a different angle.

You can refer to a detailed
written description of how to perform the Rally Obedience exercise at any time.

You can refer to a list of common performance errors for each Rally Obedience exercise at any time.

Glossary of terms video demonstrations as well as a couple of training tips.

The Rally Obedience DVD has all of the new 2008 Procedures and Regulations used by the American Kennel Club for Rally Obedience.

During production of this DVD the Rally Obedience exercises and information were checked every step of the way by a Rally Obedience instructor to insure that the exercises were performed correctly and that the Rally Obedience information was accurate.

For those of you who have not seen a Rally Obedience course, there is also a video clip of a Novice course being run with subtitles of the exercises being performed

This interactive Rally Obedience DVD is compatible with standard DVD players. Because these DVDs were manufactured by the process known as Replication (made from a glass mold) they have a 99% compatibility rate with the standard DVD player.